Getting Rid of the Notes in the Mac Address Book

This is my very first post on my new blog Another Mad World.  Yeah!  The focus of this site it, well, not too well defined yet.  I am thinking of focusing on technology and programming.  I already have another site on personal finance (Financial Journeyman), so I don’t want to be repeating myself.  Let’s see how it goes….

For my first post, I will give a code example of something that has been bothering me ever since I got my MacBook a few months ago.  When you sycn the Mac Address Book with Yahoo (or I believe Google), the notes section is filled with “SOURCE…”.  Yuck!  I wrote a simple AppleScript program (my very first) to remove the Notes section on address book entries.

Here is the AppleScript:

tell application "Address Book"

	set addresslist to selection

	repeat with the_person in addresslist

		set note of the_person to ""

	end repeat

end tell

First, open up the Apple Script Editor (Applications->AppleScript) and paste the AppleScript code into the editor.  Next, open up the Address Book application and highlight one of the contact that you want to remove the notes on.  Finally, in the Apple Script Editor, run the AppleScript code.  The Notes on that contact should be removed.  You can highlight some or all of your contacts to change the Notes.  

Have Fun!



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