NY Java SIG w/ Rod Johnson

So last night I attend the NY Java SIG with guest speaker Rod Johnson of Spring fame (i.e he is the creator of Spring).  As you may guess, his topic of choice was…wait for it…Spring.  Before I get into the lecture details, I wanted to note that the talk was held at the Google offices in Chelsea, right across from Chelsea Market.  I only got to see a few rooms (and ones I probably wasn’t suppose to), but overall I wasn’t impressed.  It looked like a typical start-up office with a few larger than life exercise balls.   However, the location is the best so I certainly would take it if offered.

Rod’s lecture focused on a niche part of Spring: Annotations.  He went over in detail how Spring 2.5 uses them and why they decided to make a Spring version.  I have to admit, he sounded either like he wasn’t that familiar with them (unlikely) or he was trying to convince himself of their usefulness.  I hate to admit it, but the lecture just wasn’t that good.  Rod dove right into Annotations with nary a word on what they were.  He did this throughout the lecture, making the assumption that everyone was intimately familiar with the minutia of Spring.  I didn’t understand this since either the audience members didn’t know the details thus they were lost or they did thus they were bored.  I fell in the former half.

The lecture finished with Rod describing what is new in Spring 2.5, what they are looking to do in Spring 3.0 (Jave 5+ only, create Spring REST and Spring Expression Language), a discussion on the DM Server (an alternative to App Servers by SpringSource), and a spiel about why people should hire Rod’s company SpringSource as consultants (and blame the guy considering he gave us a free lecture).

Overall, I was glad I went.  They even gave some prizes at the end (2 of Rod’s books, 2 TomToms, and an iPod)…I didn’t win any.

Oh, and the most suprising thing of all…Rod Johnson has an Austrailian accent!  So I’ll make the assumption that he is Austrailian.


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