My Favorite Tech and Non-Tech Blogs

Here is a quick list of the tech blogs I most often follow:

  1. Lifehacker – The best of the best.  You get the latest gadget and application news, but that’s not all.  Lifehacker has a philosophy of “Getting Things Done” and the continually give recommendations on how to be more efficient and live life more easily.  For example, the often have articles on reorganizing your office space or today’s tip of Learn When It’s OK To Skip Class.
  2. Coding Horror – A programming site by Jeff Atwood.  Funny and insightful.  Usually kept at the developer and manager level.
  3. Think Vitamin – Another programming site, but more technical than Coding Horror.  Excellent articles such as the recent Getting Started with DNS.
  4. Neville’s Financial Blog – What a weird, but cool guy.  The focus use to be financial but has turned into a “Day in the Life” sort of blog.
  5. AppleInsider – This is where I get my daily fix on all Apple related products.  Now that I have an iPhone I just can’t help checking out the latest news.

About Geoffrey Bourne

CEO & Founder of RETIRETY

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