Ooma – VOIP Review

oomaI’ve had the Voice Over IP (VOIP) service provider Vonage for 5 years now and have been completely satisfied.  Calls have been clear and always connect.  I have the Vonage 500 minutes a month plan which absolutely meets my needs (my cell phone has been my main number) and pay around $22 a month ($17.99 + the dozen or so phone taxes).  My only gripe is that when I signed up 5 years go I was paying $15 a month, but the FCC began forcing Vonage to pay taxes which they were kind enough to pass along to me.  I want to keep my home phone, but don’t enjoy paying $264 a year for it.

Two days ago I found out about Ooma, a VOIP service provider that per the reviews is as good as if not better than Vonage.  Ooma has a key difference from Vonage…there is no monthly charge.  Just buy the hardware and you get 3000 minutes of U.S and Canada calls.  International calls cost on average 2 cents a minute (cheaper than Vonage) and you can transfer your existing number (no worries if Ooma goes out of business since they don’t own the number, but only manage it).

Amazon was selling the Ooma hardware yesterday for $229  and today dropped the price to $189.  Check it out here.  In about 9 months I should recoup the hardware cost and after that will be saving $22 a month.  I just ordered it and will give an update on how it turns out.


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