Soft/Low Voice Volume with PS3 Blu-Ray Disks

For a long time I’ve been having problems with the TV speaker voice volume on PS3 blu-ray disks using HDMI.  Explosions and actions scenes would be fine, but the voices were barely audible.  Jacking up the volume helped (but didn’t fix) the voices, but the action sequences would become intolerable.

Well I’ve finally figured it out and it happens to be quite simple.  Change the “dynamic range compression” from automatic to on.  The dynamic range compression description actually states that it is used to control the voice volume for Linear PCM (i.e. if your using HDMI for the sound as opposed to optical which uses bitstream).  For some reason the auto setting wasn’t detecting that help was needed.

I’m so happy with myself that I’m barely paying attention to the movie…Sweeney Todd.


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