Agile Article: A Day in the Life

New Agile article detailing a “Day in the Life” from the perspective of an Agile Developer.

Overview: People are creatures of habit, particularly programmers: we seek consistency, whether it is the tried and true Waterfall/SDLC method or our morning routine of reading the newspaper with a hot cup of coffee.  Companies or projects looking to adopt an Agile process usually begin by asking, “What is the ROI (return on investment)?” and “Will projects be delivered better, faster and cheaper?”  While these are excellent management focused questions, they neglect the fundamental concern of an individual developer: “What will my day-to-day look like working in an Agile environment?”  This article looks at what a “Day In The Life” is like for a typical Agile developer.


About Geoffrey Bourne

CEO & Founder of RETIRETY

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