What’s On My iPhone & iPad: News Apps

Ever since Apple introduced the ability to group the App in iOS 4, I’ve been collecting and organizing my installed Apps.  I thought it might be fun to share what Apps are in my groups, and why I keep them.  You might consider this a best of or my top iPhone & iPhone Apps…or just what I download and have kept installed.  Click on the title to download the App from iTunes.  Without further ado, here is my iPhone & iPad “News” Apps:


  • WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Mobile: A decent iPhone App that gives access to WSJ content.  Even though I work in finance, I enjoy the lighter pieces from the Personal or Weekend Journal the most.  Complaints: Loading the articles and pictures can be slow.  Some content requires a login to access.
  • NYTimes: Great App with access to the NY Times.  They recently release a revamped version that has a cleaner interface and fewer bugs.  Complaints: Some content is now under a paid-wall.  However, I usually only look at the top article and most emailed (which are always free), so I haven’t had much of an issue.
  • USA Today: The App is well designed, but I’m honestly not much of a USA Today fan.  I usually only open the App when I’m in a reading mood and have exhausted all the content in my other Apps.  Complaints: USA Today content is a bit boring.
  • ONN (The Onion): When I want some clever humor I go to the Onion.  I usually just scan the headlines instead of opening the full article.  Complaints: Slow to download if not on WiFi (though the App does warn you of that).
  • Pulse: I love Pulse!  It is a wonderfully designed RSS reader and their recent update is much faster.  Reading article on an iPhone can be difficult because of the small screen size, but Pulse manages to make the whole experience better. Complaints: the dark there is a little much.  I would love it if Pulse literally lightened up a bit.
  • BBC News: When I want to see a non-American perspective on the news I hit BBC.  The design is a not-quite-there copy of Pulse.  Complaints: There settings icons is a strange greater than symbol instead of the standard wheel/cog.
  • NY1 News: Since I live in NYC I sometimes like to get the local news.  NY1 is quirky, but I’m really glad they investing in an iPhone App…their budget can’t be much for such a small channel.  Complaints: Just a generic iPhone App without much unique design.
  • NPR News: A fine App for getting NPR News.  Not much on the way of design.  Complaints: The iAds are annoying.
  • Time Mobile: Getting all this free Time content on your iPhone is great.  However, I don’t use the App that often because it is sooooo sloooowwwww.  If you’re not on WiFi it is almost not worth using.  Complaints: So Slow!
  • Digg: If you like reading Digg you’ll like having access to what has been “Digged.”  However the App has one big flaw: all the listings requires an extra click each to see the description.  The titles are so mysterious half the time that you can’t tell what the link is about.  And clicking on the link just brings you to the actual site (which usually isn’t mobile friendly).  Complaints: Hiding the description and requiring an extra click each time to view it.  Side note: the App seems to be removed from iTunes.
  • Instapaper (Free): I honestly don’t use the App as much as I would like.  Instapaper allows you save article, posting, webpages, etc for later reading.  A nifty concept that I keep forgetting to use.  Complaints: None since I don’t use it enough.


  • CNN: I downloaded the CNN App because I read cnn.com.  The app is fine, but relies too much on large images with a lot whitespace wasted.  Complaints: A fine App, that isn’t that special.
  • Pulse: The iPad version is even better that the iPhone version because of the greater screen real estate.  Complaints: none, except it isn’t free.
  • Economist: I should erase this App.  If you subscribe to the Economist is looks like a great App.  However, if you don’t there is very limited content and to view this limited content you need to download what seems like the whole monthly magazine.  Complaints: Not useful for someone who doesn’t subscribe to the Ecomonist.
  • WSJ (Wall Street Journal): Fantastic design and layout.  It is actually easier reading within that App than reading the physical newspaper.  Complaints: A lot of content is only for subscribers and it takes a long time to download all the content.  However, once downloaded you can read it offline.
  • Flipboard:  A very innovative App that displays RSS feeds in a magazine style.  I think you’ll either love it or hate it.  I personally love.  Complaints: Sites that are not Flipboard compatible are not as nice looking and a bit harder to read.
  • NYTimes: Just like WSJ, the NYTimes App is even better on the iPad and has that real newspaper feel.  I can quickly get to the information and sections I want to.  Complaints: None
  • TED: The TED App gives your access to talks and discussions from the TED conference.  I don’t use the TED App too much, but every once in a while I like to check it out to see what’s new.  Complaints: Your really need WiFi to enjoy this App.
  • BBC News: Their iPhone App is much nicer and better designed.  The BBC News iPad App is a bit confusing and hard to navigate through…a redesign is needed.  Complaints: Poor design.
  • WP (The Washington Post): A nice App very similar to the NYTimes.  They have a “LiveTopics” section at the bottom of the screen which is fun.  Complaints: You’re required to create a free account to access the content.
  • LIFE: Not as much news as pictures, and some beautiful ones that that.  Makes me think I should search for a National Geographic one.  Complaints: None
  • Engadget: A well designed App that I don’t use much since I get the RSS feed through Pulse.  Complaints: A lot of the posts are very short and could have been summarized on the homepage instead of subpages.
  • USA Today: A pretty App that I don’t use that much for the same reason I mentioned for the iPhone.  Complaints: Same as the iPhone.

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