Fix for Kindle Crashing Due to the Leather Cover

Like many people, I’ve run into the issue with my Amazon Kindle crashing and continually needing a reboot (by holding the power slide for 10-15 seconds). It has gotten so bad, I’ve been rebooting 2-3 times a day. I did some internet research and discovered the issue is the leather Amazon cover without a light. Basically, the cover with the light draws its power from the metal hooks inserted into the Kindle. The cover without the light also has these metal hooks, but doesn’t draw power…at least it isn’t suppose to. An issues occurs with the metal hooks causing a short in the Kindle, forcing a reboot and possibly draining the battery.

The Fix: I took some Scotch tape and taped the metal hooks on the cover. Just two pieces of tape covering both hooks top and bottom prevents the electric contact, and presto, no more crashes.



About Geoffrey Bourne

CEO & Founder of RETIRETY

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