iTunes Music Match – Finally Taking the Plunge

After waiting by the sidelines since the launch of Apple’s iTunes Music Match, I finally signed up today. In fact, my music library is currently being scanned (and boy is it taking a long time). Why did I wait so long? Simple paranoia. Apple is scanning you music library to do a match and technically can track the uniqueness of a file. In other words, every music file ripped from a CD leaves a unique signature on generated mp3. If the same signature is on 10,000+ people’s mp3 of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, there is a very high likely hood that this is a “shared” mp3 file. Now the last time I used a file sharing service was during the original Napster era and I’ve replaced almost all of those downloaded files with “non-shared” copies.  But who knows if one of my thousands of files is that copy of No Doubt’s Spiderwebs I downloaded 15 years ago. If the records industry forces Apple via a court order to divulge their Music Match records, well, a lot of legal notices will be going out and I certainly don’t want one.

However, my fears were finally reduced after reading this article that states Apple doesn’t keep track of the signature and just does an acoustic match.  So, I’ve taken the plunge and won’t look back (cause at this point I don’t have a choice).


About Geoffrey Bourne

CEO & Founder of RETIRETY

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